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For every sport and unique teeth we produce the ultimate mouthguard. A mouth guard with the ideal wearing comfort, optimum protection and the most friendly (environment and convenience) in use.



Clik.Fit conceived, developed and produced in the Netherlands.

It's summer 2018 the World Hockey Women's World Cup is in full swing, we strongly encourage our Dutch Hockey ladies. During the World Cup, we noticed something, not with one player or a few players, with almost every hockey star.

The mouthguard, it is pushed forward to be able to breathe during sprinting, if they walk to the side to have a drink they have to take the mouthguard out, call to each other then push the mouthguard with the tongue forward so that they are audible. If they want to talk to the coach, they even take the mouthguard completely out of the mouth. What a hassle, you want 100% focus on your sport? And don't be busy with that "stupid" mouthguard!

With our knowledge and expertise in the field of Additive Manufacturing and Sport in general, we saw an opportunity to really help the athletes! With Additive Manufacturing, 3D printing, you can very accurately make products with a very constant quality in material and in thickness in any production. And so 3DMouthguard was born, now the name is changed to Clik.Fit.

Since 2021 we can produce in high volume. This means that we have a production capacity of more than 300,000 mouthguards per year. Our ambition is to serve 10% of the world market by the end of 2030, which is more than 5,000,000 mouthguards per year.

Our vision
We ensure that every athlete anywhere in the world is given the opportunity to order a custom made mouth guard easily, accessible and affordable.

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