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Fitting mouthguard


Clik.Fit improves the way athletes enjoy

their favourite sport.

Scan days, no plaster anymore

Fully digital production proces

Clik.Fit is able to automate and digitise the entire production process of a custom-made mouthguard (advanced 3D Mouthguard technology), so never bite in plaster again. This even makes it a lifesaver for people who suffer from gagging tendencies when fitting and using a mouthguard.

The Clik.Fit mouthguard combines safety with the most optimal comfort, 0% margin of error and 100% match focus.

Dental scan

Thanks to the combination of materials and the digital production process, the mouthguard fits your teeth seamlessly. The upper jaw is measured by means of a 3D scan. A video is taken of your teeth in which every shape and angle of the teeth is perfectly replicated so that the Clik.Fit mouthguard can be custom printed. Dentists have been using this technology for quite some time. This method allows us to produce a perfectly fitting mouthguard, with fit guarantee.

This additive manufacturing process uses a unique material that meets all dental requirements of a mouth guard in terms of strength, flexibility, health and ease of use. As a result, the mouthguard offers more protection than a three-layer gumshield, with a thinner design.

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