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You would like to have a customized mouthguard made quietly and with complete privacy. This is possible with an individual appointment with your own Dentist. 


An individual appointment is set up especially for you, the dentist takes 15 minutes to carefully measure the upper jaw. This is done right the first time.
The cost is fixed and is € 110 per mouthguard. 

Below you can find all affiliated dental practices. If you are a dental practice and would like to offer Clik.Fit, please sign up!

customized mouth guard through your trusted specialist

No more biting into that dirty spoonful of impression material.

With the special mouth scanner, we will image your teeth in detail. In about 2 minutes.

An appropriate mouthguard for every tooth, even if you are missing a tooth or have a bridge.

100% competition focus, 0% margin of error.

We make sure you can enjoy your sport safely and freely.


Would you also like to offer Clik.Fit to your patients? Sign up your practice.


Each custom-made mouth guard has the best fit

Special design

Rounded corners and finished to about 1mm on the gums for optimal protection and high comfort. No irritation in the back of your jaw or gums.


Customized mouthguard, optimal fit and grip

Your custom-fit mouthguard follows your teeth one-on-one which is reflected in the front and bottom of the bit, giving you optimal grip. The mouthguard feels like a second skin.

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