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RUGBY mouthguard buy a

Perfectly customized rugby mouthguard. The streamlined design allows you to communicate effortlessly. With Clik.Fit you will be at your best on the field!

Rugby mouth guard from Clik.Fit

For the hard sport of rugby, a good mouthguard is essential. The rugby mouthguard from Clik.Fit fits perfectly to the upper teeth making it secure. In a fall or collision, the mouth guard will not fall out of the mouth. The rugby mouth guard is flexible and strong at the same time making it comfortable to wear and you will not get irritation on the gums. The mouth guard is impact tested and comes out as the best protective!

benefits of a RUGBY mouthguard from Clik.Fit

With 3D Mouthguard printing technology, the Clik.Fit rugby mouth guard is perfectly fitted to the upper jaw and provides better protection while being less thick. The thickness of other rugby mouthguards often makes talking more difficult and makes someone less understandable, with a rugby mouth guard from Clik.Fit this problem is much less. We understand the importance of communicating with your coach and team members. Therefore, the rugby mouthguard is designed to ensure maximum safety with as thin a surface as possible so that you can communicate and breathe at the same level with rugby mouth guard as without!

want to buy a mouthguard for rugby?

Are you convinced of the benefits guaranteed by our rugby mouthguard? Then look here for the possibilities to have a dental scan made for a customized rugby mouthguard. Do you have any specific questions about the rugby mouth guard or the manufacturing process? If so, feel free to contact us


We not only specialize in making rugby mouthguards but also all other team and martial arts mouthguards.

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