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Perfectly customized boxing mouth guard. No irritation behind the molars and plenty of room to breathe freely. Even drinking is no problem with the mouth guard in!

Custom boxing mouth guard from Clik.FIT

A boxing mouth guard from Clik.Fit ensures that your teeth are well protected during sparring and in the ring! Because of our proud cooperation with the Dutch Boxing Federation, more and more boxers are discovering the advantages of our boxing mouthguard.

Benefits of a boxing mouthguard from Clik.Fit

What are the advantages of our boxing mouthguard compared to other mouth guards? Because the mouthguard is made of newly developed (3DMouthguard), impact distributing material, the mouth guard offers more protection during boxing than a boil & bite or plaster mouth guard. Despite the better protection, the boxing mouth guard is finer finished. Because it is custom-made with 3D scanning and printing techniques, the mouthguard is smaller than other boxing mouthguards with the same protection. As a result, you have more room to breathe freely, and the mouthguard does not need to come off while drinking.


The benefits of a Clik.Fit mouthguard for boxing in a nutshell:

  • Clicks into place on your upper jaw (won't come off easily)

  • Optimal protection through newly developed material

  • Goes up to the third molar (no irritation at the back of your jaw or the gums)

  • No restrictions on breathing

want to buy a mouthguard for boxing?

Are you convinced of the benefits guaranteed by our boxing mouthguard? Then look here for the possibilities to have a dental scan made for a customized boxing mouthguard. Do you have any specific questions about the boxing mouth guard or the manufacturing process? If so, feel free to contact us


We not only specialize in making boxing mouthguards but also all other team and martial arts mouthguards.

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