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Hockey mouthguard purchase

Field or Ice hockey mouth guard perfectly customized. Plaster bite is not necessary due to our scanning technology. Clik.Fit is the mouth guard that gets you on the field at your best!

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Customized field hockey
mouthguard From Clik.Fit

The hockey mouth guard from Clik.Fit is obviously suitable for one of the most practiced sports in the Netherlands. The field hockey mouthguard is flexible and strong at the same time making it comfortable to wear. The mouthguard is finished with rounded corners so that you have no irritation at the back of your throat or at your gums.

Clik.Fit Benefits for hockey

Because of the 3DMouthguard printing technique, the field hockey mouthguard from Clik.Fit is better connected to the teeth and less thick. Just as another field hockey mouth guard often makes talking more difficult and someone less understandable. Clik.Fit understand the importance of communicating with your coach and team members. Therefore, the field hockey mouthguard is designed to ensure maximum safety with as thin a surface as possible so that communicating and breathing feels the same as without a mouthguard!

Want to buy a hockey mouthguard from Clik.Fit?

Are you convinced of the benefits guaranteed by our field hockey mouthguard? Then check here for your options to have a dental scan for a custom field hockey mouthguard. Do you have any specific questions about the hockey mouthguard or the manufacturing process? If so, feel free to contact us

We not only specialize in making field hockey mouthgaurds but also all other team and martial arts mouthguards.

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