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BASKETBALl mouthguard buy a

Clik.Fit mouth guard for basketball optimally protects your teeth. The mouth guard does not get loose during exercise and is designed to communicate intelligibly.

basketball mouth guard from Clik.Fit

Not every basketball player is using a basketball mouthguard yet, nor is it mandatory to wear a basketball mouthguard. However, it is becoming more common because basketball puts your teeth at risk. A fall or elbow on the teeth can be hard. The disadvantage of most mouthguards is that they make it difficult to talk intelligibly. The Clik.Fit basketball mouthguard is a lot thinner and more streamlined than other mouthguards making communicating no problem. That while also protecting your teeth better!!

benefits of a basketball mouthguard from Clik.Fit

Through newly developed material and 3DMouthguard printing technology, the Clik.Fit basketball mouthguard can provide optimal protection with a thinner and more streamlined design. Just as with another basketball mouthguard it becomes more difficult to speak intelligibly and make someone less understandable. We know it is essential in a sport like basketball to be able to communicate well with your teammates and your coach, which is why the basketball mouthguard of Clik.Fit is designed to ensure maximum protection with as thin a surface as possible so that communicating and breathing feels the same as when you don't have a mouthguard in.

want to buy a mouthguard for basketball?

Are you convinced of the benefits guaranteed by our basketball mouthguard? Then look here for the possibilities to have a dental scan made for a customized basketball mouthguard. Do you have any specific questions about the basketball mouth guard or the manufacturing process? If so, feel free to contact us


We not only specialize in making basketball mouthguards but also all other team and martial arts mouthguards.

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