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Your match

Sport safely, move freely, perform optimal!

Your mouthguard is designed in close cooperation with top athletes* who use them every day. 

Long service life, always hygienic

The Clik.Fit sports mouthguard is designed to be sustainable. No waste streams, all materials are reusable or recyclable.

The mouthguard promises:

  • 100% fitting guarantee; 30-day money back guarantee

  • Washing machine and dishwasher-safe

  • Bacteria-free, clean with boiling water after each use

  • Comes in a sturdy storage box

Clyde Brunswijk-2_edited_edited.jpg

Difference between a boil&bite gumshield and a custom-made mouthguard from

A preformed or boil & bite gumshield are mass-produced and intended to offer every athlete an okay mouthguard.
A Clik.Fit and dentist custom-made mouthguard are produced especially for you and on your teeth, making the fit many times better.

Dental mouthguard
Today's dentist mouthguards are mainly manufactured using the bite principle, dirty spoon with plaster, and the finish of the bit leaves much to be desired in most cases, making it produced high, thick and too hard.  

Special Clik.Fit design

Rounded corners and finished to about 1mm on the gums for optimal protection and high comfort (no irritation in the back of your jaw or gums). Produced with 3DMouthguard technology. 
This makes the Clik.Fit sports mouthguard thinner than others while offering up to 30% better protection through specially developed material (independently tested by Oxford University).

When you have the sports mouth guard in, you immediately notice the difference, more room to breathe and talk properly. You also no longer need to take the mouthguard out of your mouth to drink!

* our top athletes

Stan Bertens, Gradus Kraus, Luna Beeloo, Keona Samsin, Chelsey Heijnen, Delly James
TeamNL boksen,, militairboksteam

Clyde Brunswijk, Tyjani Beztati, Robbie Hageman, Marat Grigorian, Brandon Fos.

*Muay Thai:
Regian van Eersel, Matthew Daalman, Albert Kraus, Andy Souwer, Marouan Toutouh.

Lizzy Gevers, Duane van Helvoirt, Benita van Rooij, Nadia Akihary

*Karate, Kyokushin karate:
Lynn Snel, Sebastiaan van Teeffelen, Ingrid Creemers, Valence Bickel
TeamNL Karate, Karate-Do-Bond

Shannen van der Poel

RC Oysters, RC Hilversum, RC Spakenburg, RC Pink Panthers

HC Wateringse Veld, HC Geldrop, HC Rotterdam
in cooperation with The Hockey Centre; Almeerse HC, HC Zeewolde 

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